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First, I want to thank the wonderful Deviant, SaloGuardione who had suggested my Butterfly Fairy Glass… for a DD.  With her suggestion I was accepted into DeviantArt's DD (Thank you to them also for choosing it) and have had many requests to share and was also featured by Talty, another kind Deviant here

From all this so many of you have come by to view, +watch, comment, and share my glass art.  I would like to thank each of you individually, and I had started to as much as I could, but I'm sorry I can't get through the overwhelming amount of response.  I hope though that everyone will know and see this and understand I do really appreciate your kind words and support.  You are all absolutely still welcome to contact me, ask questions, or quietly lean back and smile, wink or nod.

This community has earned a well deserved :hug: and a special Thank You!

Sincerest gratitude,

Brian Laughlin
Imagined Glass

~and, to anyone that is interested in more than admiring my work from afar (or rather closer than their monitor allows) and for those that have asked wanting to have something for their own, I do have glass work that is available or can be made for you.  You can find some items for sale at or contact me directly here or there or at for any decorative art glass projects you have in mind.
So Christmas and the New Year are about to be here, and I wanted to send some Holiday Cheer out to everyone that stops by here.  

To those many artists and art appreciators on DA, I am happy to have met you and am thankful for all your support and kindness in compliments you've given throughout my being here.  There are so many talented, skilled, and simply friendly souls here.  Not everyone is the "artist", but that has never meant they don't bring a creative energy.  I am grateful to be part of that surrounding energy.

In all, I hope everyone here finds themselves a Happy Holiday season with whomever and however you celebrate it - family, friends, and fellow human (or non human) species gathering together and building memories and good times.

Be safe; best regards to everyone ,

Brian Laughlin
Imagined Glass
I know some people have asked or wondered about some of the process that goes into making one of my art glass coasters, so I tried to remember to take pictures during a set I recently made of four Celtic Spiral Book of Kells images that were sandblasted.

I posted several of the pictures on my Behance portfolio with descriptions of the general steps.  Each one was made slightly different from the next etching.  The last picture shows them together, but I will be adding a closer view of each once I take those photos.

These are basic in having only a few stages, but it gives a nice overview still.  This is also only a section of what goes into a design.  Most here will know you have to get through the whole idea, drawing, defining sections before you go to the next step.  That next step for me is the layout and blasting.  Even after that and throughout there is cleaning and wrapping and photos.  They can go from simple to more complex, which always changes the time involved for each project.

Here is the link to view my project posting of the Celtic spiral etched glass art coasters and the basic process to make them.  I hope you enjoy and see that even though I might repeat a design, they are always done individually and will have their own slight characteristics from one to the next. Celtic Coaster Project

Also, if you're interested in purchasing ready made designs or you'd like any custom work for your home decor, you can visit Imagined Glass on Artfire
or check out and "like" other works on my Facebook Page
This morning I logged on to find a lot of feedbacks all of a sudden.  I had never gotten near that many, and especially all at once.  I started writing out thank yous and browsing great work from all these fellow Deviants.  

Eventually someone clued me in.  I was selected to be part of the DD (Daily Deviation) page.  Wow!  How'd that happen?  Well, it started by being suggested by stina-wo, which was awfully kind of her to do.  

It apparently worked, and I was selected into the days group of fine artists.  I noticed too, after finally having a chance to look at it, I was also featured by FrockTarts another appreciated kindness.

It seems the start of the New Year is full of lots of confetti, noise-makers, and happy celebrations.

From all of this I want to be able to thank everyone who has and is stopping by to browse through all my glass art posted and +watching, commented, adding favs, and even gifting me with llamas.  I appreciate the great support and encouragement of your words.

I don't know if I'll get to everyone (which has been well over 400 responses and counting), at least not right away for sure, but I wanted everyone to know...

Thank You!